Wednesday, October 26, 2005

WXP PC Slow When Running WMP10

A few weeks ago I started noticing that when ever I start Windows Media Player 10 (in Windows XP) my CPU jumps up to 100% and thus the computer starts running really slow... I found the cause to the problem and an easy solution and wanted to share...

What Causes This Problem:
This happens when you have a large collection of music and/or video files in your My Documents and when Windows Media Player opens it scan your My Documents folder for new media... but when you have a lot of music/videos, Windows Media Player for some reason gets stuck in a loop...

How To Fix The Problem:
  • Open Windows Media Player
  • Click Tools and then Options
  • Click the Library tab
  • Click on Monitor Folders
  • Remove all folders from the list and click OK
  • Then click OK again
  • Restart your computer and try Windows Media Player again

HERE is the Google Groups thread I found that helped me solve this problem if you wish to look at it...
Good Luck...

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